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            - 1/9/01
These pictures are also from the Palmdale IDRC event. The coverage was provided by Street Racing Online. Notice that these two pictures are taken from the exact opposite angles as the pictures. - 12/4/00
These pictures from were taken during the IDRC event at Palmdale, December 2nd and 3rd. The car was on display at the Turboxs booth.

I am sure the good folks at Turboxs would want you to notice that the shiney purple object dominating the engine bay is their very own Type-H Racing Bypass Valve. - 11/18/00
This image was added to the opening page on (image on opening page is random) The picture was taken by Rick Santangelo of Gear Jammin' Productions at the Presidio in San Francisco. To see the rest of the pictures from this photo shoot, go here.

A full write up including pictures and a current list of modifications was posted here. - 2/9/00
The first place the car turned up on the internet, was in the "Featured Cars" section of the TurboXS web site. At the time this went up, I was not sponsored by them. I had bought their standard boost controller, loved it, and posted a great review on the web site. Apparently it made them quite a few sales.