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2/27/02 - Welcome to another year with Project GSX!

First, Project GSX has new track times. These runs were done on pump gas, full weight, straight off of the street. Didn't pull out the spare tire, tools, laptop, subwoofer, nothing. Just drove in, tech'd, and ran. Didn't shut off the car all night.


These runs were done straight off of the street. The car had just driven 80 miles from the track, and was never shut off. I let the car idle between runs. I ran straight pump gas, no additional boost, no additional tuning. No weight removal, spare tire, tools, subwoofer, laptop, everything was in the car. I did not adjust tire or shock pressure for racing. Nothing. Just drove in and raced. Needless to say, I am VERY happy with those times!

What has changed to make the car faster?

First, Project GSX is now powered by a Forced Performance Big 28 turbocharger. This is a new version of the old T-28 turbo. The new version uses a different turbine wheel that provides less backpressure for more top end, with the same quick spool characteristics of the old T-28. The turbo was ported by Forced Performance, pics are below:

Project GSX also received a set of camshafts from Web Cam. We installed the "street grind" cams, which features a 272 degree intake cam and a 256 degree exhaust cam. The idle sucks, but the cams were responsible for most of the power increase. I would recommend the HKS cams over these, due to the improved idle with comparable power but I got these so cheap that they could not be passed up. We have also installed a 2.5" turbo inlet pipe from Dejon Tool. Pics of the new mods should be up shortly, although I don't think I got a good picture of the camshafts before install.

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