I had planned on driving the GSX down to Pomona, and possibly even entering the 12.00-14.99 bracket for racing. However, I hit a pothole on Wednesday night and put quite a dent into one of my rims. It will no longer allow the tire to hold air, so I was stuck driving my Saturn.
Yes, you are reading the sign correctly, it says "Chinese Food, Donuts, and Burgers". Tempting as this was, we continued searching for breakfast. Hey wow! They have 24 hour drive through! The breakfast of Champions. Giving up the search for something decent, like a Denny's, we hit McDonalds. What a way to start your day.
The first person we ran into at Pomona Raceway was Todd Chiamparino, who owns the West Coasts fastest Eclipse. Todd is also a member of the Bay Area DSM Club, so it was nice to be able to put a face to all the emails. Here are a few shots inside the engine bay of Todd's 10 second monster.
Here is Todd in the staging lanes, before his qualifying run. Todd ran a 10.85, beating his best ever, but finished 5mph slower. After a bit of tuning, Todd came back to run a 10.74@132. Todd was barred from competition in the later rounds as his car developed a coolant leak.
Dave Buschur was on hand, laying down some consistent 9 second runs. It is amazing how empty the engine bay on his Talon is.
Another shot of Buschur's Engine. Buschur waits in the staging lanes before his qualifying run.
Buschur is in the far lane, Adam Saruwatari in the near lane lighting up the tires before a heads up race. Adam went on to beat Dave, running a 9.33 to Dave's 9.88. For a 800k .avi of the tire warming, click here.
Under the hood of Brent Rau's 9 second Eclipse. Unfortunately, Brent was not able to make a single pass without breaking something. Both Brent and Sean Glazer have relocated the air filter to the wheel well. Interesting.
Brent also has a kick ass license plate. Not as cool as mine, but hey. Here is Brent in the staging lines, awaiting his chance to race.
Here is Sean Glazer's 9 second Talon. He was able to lay down a 9.7 run before breaking his transfer case. I noticed his trailer has "World's Fastest Talon" on the side of it. I wonder what Buschur thinks about that. Although they were both eliminated rather early due to mechanical problems, both of Extreme's 9 second DSM's came out for an exhibition run. Sean put down a 10.2 this run, after fixing his broken transfer case. Brent, however, did not finish again.
TRD was on hand to display some of their new stuff, including a really nice Celica GT-S. This Celica has a really wild body kit on it. I had to get in close on the side skirt so you could see the cool detail.
The TRD wide body MR2 was on hand also. But the most popular booth of the show was without a doubt the Wicked Pictures tent. Wicked Pictures is a porn studio that sponsors one of the all-motor 11 second Honda's. Stephanie Swift (porn star) was on hand later, signing autographs and causing the men in attendance to salivate.x`1
This is one of the MotoRex Skyline GT-R's. They have been given the green light from the Department of Transportation to import and sell these Japanese supercars. Absolutely gorgeous. I have always thought those stickers of Calvin pissing on something were really stupid. But this one takes the cake. If you can't tell what he is doing, please don't ask me. :P
I saw this car on my way out. Yes, it has two combat wings. And no, neither one of them is painted. They are both primer painted, and are both painted in different shades of primer. I sent these pictures to the guys at www.beaterz.com .. maybe it will make it into their gallery. The rear bumper cover is held on by screws. Wow. What was this guy thinking?