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2000 Archived News

12/6/00 - Pics from Palmdale

The pictures from our trek to Palmdale for the IDRC finals are now up in the Project GSX Picture Archive. Go here to check them out.

12/5/00 - New Press Section

I never thought I would see the day.. But Project GSX has been seen around the web enough that a Press Section has been started. Stay tuned for new sponsorships, and a lot more press in the coming year!

IDRC at Palmdale

From now on, I will be the first to appreciate anyone who runs a vendor booth. Talk about a lot of work. Destiny and I were working the TurboXS booth along with Mark (the marketing director) down at Palmdale over the weekend. Two days of standing, two full days of talking. I didnt have much of a voice left afterwards. On the plus side, it was a lot of fun and we got to meet some great people. Abel Ibarra stopped by the booth between 7 second runs to say hi, and Ari Yallon dropped by as well. Very cool.

Even better, plenty of photographers snapped off pictures of my car which we had in the booth with us. So far, pictures have surfaced on and hopefully more will follow.

11/20/00 - Come see Project GSX on display, IDRC at Palmdale!

Destiny and I are going to be at the TurboXS booth on December 2nd and 3rd, at LA County Raceway for the IDRC event. The Project GSX Eclipse will be on display in the booth, so come check it out! This is the last event of the season, so it is going to be a BIG draw. Lots of people, and the fastest imports around will be battling it out for the final prize money.

Check out pictures and specs for the Project GSX Eclipse at This is a pretty slick site which features all sorts of turbocharged cars. Refresh the opening screen a few times - there is a picture of our car there!

11/08/00 - SEMA, TurboXS, and more...

Okay. SEMA was AWESOME. I have never been to an event so large before, and I have to say a big THANK YOU to TurboXS for getting Destiny and I into the show. I brought home a good 130 pictures from the show, so you will get to see plenty of what you missed. I have not had time to go through all of the pics so far to weed out the blurry ones and such, but you can still take a look at them now. To see all of the pics from SEMA, click here. A permanent link to these pictures will go up in the picture gallery. I will post more information about SEMA when I get the chance to go through all of the stuff that I brought home with me.
I have a digital image of the TurboXS catalog cover which features my car. It isnt quite what I was expecting, unfortunately. But you have to start somewhere!

I had the chance to meet Mark, Denise, and Russel from TurboXS while I was at SEMA. Incredible people. I a was so glad to see this, as I am very impressed with their products. Knowing that they have a good competent staff behind them makes me even more excited about their sponsorship. As it stands, my car will be on display at the TurboXS booth at the upcoming IDRC event at LA County Raceway on December 2nd and 3rd. So come on down and check it out! Mark, Russel, Destiny and I will all be in the booth displaying products and generally having a good time.

As for the car.. I have run into a few problems lately. First off, my Extreme Motorsports short shifter broke. One of the welds gave out, and the shifter broke off of the base. In fact, it happened WHILE I was driving! Luckily for me I was able to get into a parking spot with little trouble. A nice thick bolt, a nut, and some packing tape have the shifter back together for the mean time, but I need to get it fixed. I called Extreme, and Jack told me they would be more than happy to repair it for me. WHAT??? I have to uninstall the shifter, ship it across the country, get it rewelded, and wait for it to get shipped back? You have got to be kidding me. I was told this is due to the nature of their supplier, but it still shows poor judgement and service on their part, letting their customers suffer due to their bad choice of suppliers. I am going to try and reweld it myself this weekend, which should be interesting.

10/26/00 - Busy Busy Busy!!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but I am trying to settle into a new job and it is quite hectic around the office. What is going on:

  • New Boost Controller - I installed a TurboXS High Performance Manual Boost Controller. IT ROCKS!! Wow, this thing is great. It is a combination ball and spring valve with a secondary bleeder valve. The ball and spring allows for FAST spool up, and then the bleeder valve helps prevent boost spikes. I get quicker spool and SOLID boost levels. No fluctuation or spiking AT ALL.
  • New Turbo - An IHI 16G Killer turbo has been installed. This turbo utilizes a ball bearing center cartridge that allows for faster boost response than a traditional turbocharger. It flows about 25% more air than the 14B turbo I had previously, which would flow about 25% more air than the T25 turbo that the car came with. In otherwords, it is FAST. This weekend is the big Bay Area Club DSM drive up to Napa Valley, and next weekend I will be in Vegas for SEMA. But soon after I will be heading up to Sac Raceway to test out the new turbo. I am thinking mid 13's at least. Time to buy a helmet!
  • No oil leaks!! - That is right - installing this new turbo took care of ALL of my oil leaks.
  • New Parts to install - Metal shifter bushings to replace the stock rubber ones, and some plastic wire cover to dress up the engine bay.
  • Soon to come - The web site is going to be redesigned to bring all of the Project GSX vehicles together into a single site. Lots of new features will be added to try and bring the readers together as well.
  • New Parts to come - The only items I had planned on purchasing that have not been done at this point is a front mounted intercooler, a 3" test pipe, and new clutch. Coming soon!

9/27/00 - Sponsored by TurboXS!

Planning for the cover shoot is progressing nicely. The car is getting prepped with a wash and wax, and a TurboXS windshield banner. The catalog should be ready by the end of October - more updates to come.

I am going to be testing the new TurboXS high performance racing bypass valve in the coming weeks. Because it does not have a diaphragm like traditional BOV's, there is virtually no limit to the amount of boost pressure it can hold. To check it out, click here.

9/27/00 - New Turbo! (again)

As some of you may remember, the 14B turbo that I am using currently is borrowed from a friend of mine who currently has no use for it. I just recently purchased a 500 mile old IHI 16G Killer from a friend of mine who upgraded to a Frank 2. It is going to be a little bit before I put the new turbo on, since the stock side mount intercooler is barely able to keep up with the 14B, and my stock clutch is starting to complain as well. I never bothered to completely fix my oil leak, since I knew I would be doing another turbo swap in the near future. Hopefully when I put on the new turbo it will take care of the leak as well.

9/24/00 - How time flies...

Has it been a month already? Things have been pretty hectic for me lately. Destiny and I just moved into our own apartment, I have seen one wedding and three baby showers (none of which were mine, thank goodness) and the start-up company I was working for folded. Whew!

The oil leak still has not been fixed. It has been contained, anyways. I recently purchased an IHI 16G turbocharger from a friend of mine. The turbo is not new, but it only has about 500 miles on it, and it was ported by Road Race Engineering. I figured that it would be pointless to spend any amount of time trying to fix this very small oil leak when I am going to be swapping on a new turbo in the near future anyways.

However, before the new turbo goes on, I want to see what the 14B can do. Saturday night, Destiny and I went up to Sacramento Raceway for some racing. It occured to me as I was pulling into the parking lot at the track that I had not been racing in almost a year. And sure enough, I completely forgot how to launch my car. Sure, I take off from stop lights and stop signs quick enough, but I am talking full on 5,500 RPM clutch drops. It took me a good 6 runs to finally get a sub 2 second 60' time.

The 14B felt a LOT faster on the track! Once I was getting back into the racing groove, I noticed that I ran 3 runs in a row with 96 MPH trap speeds. On my 6th run, I was racing heads up against a 98+ Camaro SS. Considering how poorly I had been racing, I gave up on winning before the lights even started to drop. To my surprise, I FINALLY got a decent launch (1.936 60') and never looked back. I felt like I was bound for 13's easy. That is just about when I started to run out of gas. The car started to stutter near the end of the track, but I still managed to get the win light, running 14.186@92.667. It just goes to show you: Having the faster car does not mean you are going to win the race!

After that run, I was under the assumption that I had hit the revlimiter, not that I was out of fuel. So I let the car cool, and headed straight back for the staging lanes. This time I ended up racing an old v6 Fiero. Yeah, enough said. Anyways, I had my best launch of the night (1.839 60') and the run felt great. At around 6k RPMs in 3rd gear, the car started to REALLY buck due to fuel loss. I shifted to 4th (I normally finish my 1/4 mile runs in 3rd gear) Once the RPM's climbed a bit in 4th the car started to buck AGAIN. I still tripped the lights for my best time to date: 13.908@93.594.

Digging deeper into the 13's...

Given the fact that I was running consistent 96 MPH trap speeds, I should be able to hit 13.7xx with a good launch and adequate fuel. I think I will be back up at Sac, this coming weekend to take another shot at it.

Project GSX: A Cover Model?

I received an email from the good folks over at TurboXS the other day. I have spoken with them a few times, ever since they found out that I had been using their manual boost controller. It seems that they want to put the Project GSX Eclipse on the cover of their upcoming product catalog. WOO HOO! Keep your eyes open for it - they say that it will be in circulation at the end of October.

And the ride softens!

My aching back owes a debt of gratitude to Tokico, and their fine Illumina adjustable shocks. The ride was so stiff with the AGX adjustable shocks in the rear (even on the softest setting) that I ended up putting the stock shocks back on. Stock shocks with Eibach springs provided a good ride, but the lowered height would wear the shocks out too quickly. The Tokico's were just what I was looking for. It ends up the reason that the AGX's ride so stiff, is that the shock body is over an inch longer than the stock shocks! That means you are losing a full inch of suspension travel by switching to the AGX's. Insane! I plan to swap out my front shocks with Tokico's as soon as I can afford it.

8/15/00 - Oil Leak #1 fixed!

As it ends up, the oil return line was plenty tight. The problem was, the hoop at the end of the line was not screwed completely into the line itself. So it was leaking from there, not from the banjo bolt.

Now it seems that oil leak #2 is coming from the oil feed line beneath the turbo. I ordered a new gasket and should be installing it tonight! The installation notes for the turbo have been updated in the mods section.

8/14/00 - Turbo Installtion Complete! ...well, almost.

Yes, I had to hitch a ride to work this morning. Oh well. My friend Alex came by on Sunday and helped me put everything back together. However, the oil line on the top of the turbo is apparently loose, so it leaks oil idling. ARGH! Read all about it in the mods section.

8/11/00 - Turbo Installation!

That's right! I am going to take a stab at installing a 14B turbo this weekend. This is the stock turbocharged off of a 1st generation diamondstar. It flows approximate 25% more air than the T25 that I have now. Should be good enough for .3-.5 off of my E.T.'s at the drag strip. So, without a doubt, this new turbo should put me into the 13's.

I am also going to try doing all of my own porting work. I will be porting the turbo to 7cm, the o2 housing to 2.5", and the exhaust manifold as well. Hopefully I will get some good pictures out of it. But for the most part, I am going to be following VFAQ's.

In addition to the new turbo, I am going to be installing a new 60mm white faced GReddy boost gauge, and a proper color a-pillar. I will be able to screw the pillar into the frame of the car, so it should fit snug and take care of the slight sag that I have in it now. Hopefully I will have enough time to get everything done!

Pics of the Jumptronix Install

The installation process of the Jumptronix a/f gauge is on their web site, so I did not bother taking pics of it. But, here is the finished process. It is mounted on the steering column, which puts it in a very convenient position. It does not block either the tach or speedo, either. Click the thumbnail for a larger image, or you can read about it in the mods section.

7/30/00 - Fuel pump and injectors installed!

The Walbro high-flow fuel pump (255lph, vs. 100lph stock) has been installed along with my Nippon-Denso 550cc fuel injectors. The fuel pump was a MAJOR pain in the ass! Read the install notes in the mods section. The Fuel injectors were very simple in contrast. They are also in the mods section.

7/26/00 - Project GSX's long lost brother?

The long lost brother of Project GSX was spotted at the 2000 DSM Shootout! Click here for documented evidence!

Turbo upgrade approaches!

This saturday, the 255lph fuel pump and the 550cc fuel injectors are going to be installed. I have ordered a turbo installation kit, and gotten my hands on a 14B turbocharger. This is the stock turbocharger from the 1st generation DSM's. This unit will only be on the car for a month or two, which will give me the chance to get a fully tricked out race turbo. Stay tuned for pics and new track results!

7/18/00 - New Parts Installed

I finished the installation of my RRE catch can and RRE stainless steel clutch line. Destiny installed hers on Monday. The catch can does not really come with installation instructions, so I took a picture of our installations in case anyone is looking for an idea. Click the thumbnails below for pictures of the catch can installs, or just go straight to the mods section.

The catch can is a black plastic can, with a breather filter on top of it. The top of the filter is chrome, so it really stands out. A vacuum hose runs from the valve cover to one side of the can. The air coming out of the valve cover is oily, and that oil will eventually coat the inside of the intercooler. Installing this filter catches the air and prevents this build up. Note that the supplied mounting bracket was used to install the can - it was bent not quite in half, so that the filter sat a bit lower to make sure that the hood can still close properly.

7/14/00 - New parts!

Last night I received a new shipment of parts from the good folks down at Road Race Engineering. The shipment consisted of a stainless steel clutch line, and a catch can. I also purchased a Jumptronix digital air/fuel gauge from my buddy Kit Wetzler. The beefy SS clutch line is supposed to bring better response from the clutch, making it feel a bit more controlled. It will engage and disengage a bit quicker. The catch can filters out oil from the vaccuum tubing that runs from the valve cover to your intake. Putting this filter in place stops the oil from building up inside of your intercooler. Without it, your intercooler will eventually have a film of oil on the inside of it, reducing its efficiency. A definite must. The Jumptronix display is nice, because it reads o2's in a digital format making it much easier to read than just a sweeping needle other inaccurate gauges.

Pic's to come!

7/3/00 - 18G + 18" Rims = Bad ass GSX!

Over the holiday weekend, Destiny and I did some work on her car. We installed the stepping motor for the previously disconnected Profec A boost controller, and also got her new rims put on. While installing the Profec A, I took the time to inspect the turbo a little closer. It is actually a GReddy 18G. Road Race Engineering sells the GReddy 18G turbo kit for $1,750. DAMN. The Profec was set at a conservative 1 BAR (approx. 15psi) of boost. Also, the GReddy blow off valve now vents to the atmosphere.

The increase in boost pressure has made the car DAMN fast. The huge chrome rims make the car look sweet, and venting the BOV to the atmosphere makes it sound like a jet plane. Check out the rims, also. They are 18" x 7.5" Konig Caffeine's which she has had chromed. Her GSX is officially cooler than mine. Click the thumbnails below for pictures.

6/13/00 - The quest for gadgets continues!

I needed to figure out how the installation of a GReddy Turbo Timer works, because Destiny has one that was not functioning properly. What better way to do that, than to install one in my own car? They are cheap enough. I paid 80$ from a local Honda Shop (TwinCam Motorsports) plus 15$ for the wiring harness.

For product review and installation instructions click here.

6/9/00 - Nippon Denso 550cc Fuel Injectors! Thanks to Mike@dss for servicing the group purchase on these fuel injectors. They came out to $380 plus $18 for tax and shipping. Great price. Click the thumbnail below for a picture of the injectors, and the free Zots! candy Mike sent me.

6/7/00 - Project GSX gets a girlfriend!

My Girlfriend Destiny and I spent a few hours at Concord Mitsubishi last night, and ended up driving home with *another* 99 GSX. Another RED 99 GSX. Yes, we have matching cars. :) It was not planned that way, it just so happened that they had a 99 GSX with 8,850 miles on it and some nice modifications. After a few hours of haggling and bartering, we finally got the numbers worked out in a way that made everyone happy. Click the thumbnails below for pics of her new car, or go directly to her section of the web page.

6/1/00 - The rims have arrived!

That's right folks, the rims have finally showed up and been put on the car. The difference in handling is really incredible. The Pirelli P7000's STICK. And they are definitely quiet, too. Click on the thumbnails below for full-size pics.

5/23/00 - Child Seat w/ 5 point race harness?

That's right. Simpson Race Products has produced a child safety seat with a built in 5 point racing harness. A must for every racing father! Click here to check this thing out, it rocks.

New Rims - Lost in Limbo

According to TSW, the boat bringing my rims over from Japan did not dock on time in Florida. So basically the boat hit an iceberg or it was ransacked by pirates or some shit, but the bottom line is my rims are not here yet. And they will not be here this week, either. Maybe next week, if I am lucky. so, if TSW cannot verify the boat has docked and the rims are in route to Cali by Thursday, I will most likely cancel the order and get something else. Blah. :P

5/5/00 - More on S-AFC tuning

Well, I received a Check Engine Light on the DSM cruise last weekend, and after resetting it with a friends OBD-II scan tool (Thanks Shawn), I decided to put the lower honeycomb back in. I had previously removed it to lean out the fuel mixture a bit, back before I installed the S-AFC. Shawn suggested that the fuel trim error code I received could be due to that. For more on S-AFC tuning click here.

Pics of the new rims!

I pulled this pic off of TSW's web site. They seem to be rebuilding the site, and so I was not able to get people to be able to consistently view the pic. So, its here now :) Click on the thumbnail below to see my new rims in all their glory! I ordered the silver, by the way, not the chrome.

Caught on film!

The Bay Area Club DSM took a drive through Calistoga last weekend, and of course, everyone was taking pictures along the way. Here is one of those pics, catching a club member when they thought no one was looking. Check it out here.

5/4/00 - New Rims - Finally!

I recently sold my first born for a set of 18x8 TSW VX1 rims, with new 225/40/18 Pirelli P7000 tires from America's Tire. I called their store in Concord and spoke to Tim, the manager. Extremely helpful guy. I had some price restraints, and he was able to craft a package that met my needs and stayed within my budget. Quick and polite, he made numerous phone calls for me and tracked down all the parts I would need. You can reach Tim at (925)682-2288. I would DEFINITELY recommend Tim's service to anyone who is looking to purchase new rims. Be sure to tell them Project GSX sent you!

Rest assured, I will have pics up as soon as the rims arrive, and are on the car. :)

4/14/00 - Body Mods?

I spoke with Junior at Wings West today. Really nice guy. I asked him about their Aggressor front bumper cover, as well as a custom 3 piece wing they offer. Both pieces are really sweet. The spoiler is about 400$, and the bumper cover is around 400$ also, plus 100$ for the fangs. Now I'm torn between ordering the set, or buying the new turbocharger.

Junior also mentioned that they are working on a new kit for the Eclipse that will look similar to the Veilside kit, except it will be made in urethane. WOO! Urethane, unlike fiberglass, does not crack. It will also retail for about half the price of the Veilside kit.

Anyways, a BIG THANKS goes to Junior at Wings West, for all the info. You can reach Wings West at:

(800) 222-6995 (if you are outside of California)
(949) 722-9995 (if you are inside of California)

4/5/00 New pics!

I have pics ready for my removable front license plate that I used to get out of a fix-it ticket, as well as the new NGK plug wires I installed.

Check out the details here:

Removable License Plate
NGK Spark Plug Wires

3/31/00 New Plug Wires!

Well, I installed some NGK spark plug wires tonight. I feel so ricey, I went with the NGK over the Magnecor only because they are blue. *blush* But they look pretty sweet. The resistance of the wires made a BIG difference in the clarity of my sub, which was apparently getting a lot of electrical interference from the engine. It sounds much clearer now, and hits harder too. I would definitely recommend these wires to anyone looking to upgrade.

Whoops Part 2

It would appear that when I redid my shocks to cut the bumpstops (which EXTREMELY improved the ride quality, I might add), I crossthreaded 3 of the lug nuts on the front/passenger side wheel. Whoops. When I went to remove the wheel, those three nuts wouldnt come off, and I ended up breaking the wheel studs. I bought three new wheel studs from Monument Autoparts (they had them cataloged as being for a 97 GSX) and spent about 5 hours hammering them into the wheel hub. It was not fun. Make sure you take your time when putting on your lug nuts, you do not want to have to replace wheel studs!

3/12/00 - Whoops!

Okay, so I finally broke something. *grin* The other day, I was trying to reinstall the rear strut tower brace. It had come off, of course, when I installed the rear shocks. The trick to getting it on, apparently, is to lower the bolts that connect the bar to the brackets. The bending of the bracket helps to fit it onto the shock tower. Anyways, as I went to put on one of the bolts, it slipped and fell down into the area behind the tower. Had I known that you only need to remove the plastic interior piece, and the nut would be sitting right there, I would have done so. But I did not know that. So I found another nut that fit. Well, it sorta fit. Once I had it torqued down about half way, the nut cross-threaded itself onto the stud. Whoops. I tried to loosen it, but that broke the stud off of the strut tower. WHOOPS.

All said and done, replacing the plate in the strut tower cost me $7.88 plus shipping from the local Mitsubishi dealer. I could have done a lot worse. :)

3/1/00 - slammed!

The new KYB AGX adjustable shocks and struts have been installed, along with some Eibach pro-kit springs. So far, its dropped about 1". However, the suspension still needs to settle a bit, so I am not going to take a final measurement just yet. The Eclipse shop manual shows how to do the install, so I am not going to go into major detail. However, I will post some problems I ran into in the mods section, look for that coming soon along with my impression of the ride quality.

2/18/00 - New Parts!

Well, although I need to save most of my tax return, I could not resist getting myself *something* new. :) So, I got in with the group purchase of KYB AGX shocks/struts through DSS organized by the Bay Area Club DSM. I went ahead and ordered a set of Eibach Pro-Kit springs as well. With tax and free shipping, the total was just under 600$. This way, I will still be saving 2/3rds of my tax return and will still be getting a little present for myself. :) Install coming soon, along with measurements on the drop in ride height, plus a review of the ride quality. Stay tuned!


Well, I finally got around to taking some pictures of recent mods, as well as a few new pictures of the car itself. Check out the mounting job on that Super AFC! It looks pretty sharp. Hopefully Some of the pictures are good enough to get over to TurboXS, so they can get them up on their site.

In other news, it looks like I might be getting those 18x8 TSW VX1's I had been wanting. Stay tuned!

2/9/00 - Swinging into full gear!

Things have started to get moving again, after a sluggish New Years. This weekend, with the help of my buddy Kit Wetzler, the clutch restrictor was removed from the Project GSX vehicle. If you try to do this mud, pull the slave cylinder off and save yourself an hours worth of trying to dig the spring out with a miniture screw driver. It is a pain! I will post a recap of the mod soon.

I emailed those pics of the jacked up Mazda from my Pomona trip to the beater boyz who have in turn put the pics up on their web site! No thank you to me for sending them was posted, which sucks, but they did send me email saying thanks. Here is a link to the page:

TurboXS Discovers Project GSX!

I recently received an E-Mail from the Sales Manager for TurboXS. Here is a quote to give you an idea of what they had to say: "Thank you for the great review you gave our Standard Boost Controller. I've had dealers contact me based on your web site and review." Woo! I am glad to hear that people are trying out the same products I use, after hearing that they have worked out for me. And thanks to the people who are mentioning my web site when purchasing products, it is definitely appreciated. Look for the Project GSX vehicle appearing in the upcoming "Featured Cars" section of the TurboXS web page.

1/13/00 - Recent Events

Well, I am happy to say that my recent love interest has been taking up a bit of my time as of late. And although it has not distracted me from Project GSX, it has in fact distracted me from updating the web site. :) You have my apologies.

Sacramento Raceway 1/8/00

Since my last trip to Sac, I have only modified the blow off valve dump tube. So, I was not really expecting any sort of performance increases, I was only going to tune the Apexi Super-AFC that I installed. I have been told by numerous sources, that you want to keep your O2 voltage in the neighborhood of .89-.92, and you do not want your EGT's to go higher than 900. So, I went down to the track and did about 8 passes, trying to get my figures as close to those as possible. I ended up leaning out the low throttle, low RPM ranges to conserve gas while driving through town. That was the easy part. The high throttle settings are the reason I needed to hit the drag strip. I was very suprised at how much I was able to lean out the fuel mixture.

Hopefull in the next few days I will be able to get screen captures of my high and low throttle settings and post them on the web page.

In related news, the HRC Wastegate Actuator is officially off of my car. Because I have a 3" downpipe, I was not able to stabalize boost levels. It is well known that a 3" downpipe will add to any boost creep, but with the upgraded wastegate actuator (which is basically a normal actuator but with a stiffer spring) there was no way I was going to get consistent boost.

1/3/00 - A New Year for Project GSX begins!

Santa was good to us here at Project GSX. Over the nice 11 days I had off of work, I was able to install a new 60mm GReddy EGT (w/ peak hold, memory, and warning light), relocate my old 52mm cyberdyne air fuel meter to the center driver's side A/C Vent, and install a brand new Apexi Super-AFC. Wow. The GSX is a discotech on wheels now.

The GReddy EGT is one of the nicest gauges I have seen. Still, for 212$, I would expect the back lighting for the needle to be a little bit better. It floods out around the base of the needle a bit. The tick marks and numbers glow green, and the warning area from 9-12 glows red. Very nice look gauge.

I was a bit worried about installing the A/F Meter in the center A/C vent. It was not a matter of losing the vents as a source for air conditioning or heating. I had already covered up the passenger's side vent with the mounted S-AFC, so the air dam had been closed. It was more that I would be doing permanent damage to the vent itself, that would not be reversed. Check the mods section for a full write up, and some pictures. Same with the S-AFC.

And Happy New Year!