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1999 Archived News

12/20/99 - Boost Problems Continue...

Well, I pulled the HRC Wastegate actuator off again, and did some adjustments. I adjusted it once, lessened the boost creep, then adjust it again and got rid of it completely. However. I have now made the control arm TOO long, so that the waste gate is opening prematurely. No matter what I set my boost controller to, I do not clear 10PSI in 1st gear, or 15PSI in 5th. Argh. So I get to pull the actuator off again, and shorten up the control arm. More to come.. For now, check out the installation VFAQ I wrote for the HRC Actuator install here.

On a side note, I brutally dusted a new Civic SI on the way to work today, not that it was an overly fair fight, poor guy did not stand a chance. Oh well. :)

12/10/99 - Insight into current boost problems...

I have decided, based on how the car is acting, that the boost problems are being caused by the wastegate actuator not being able to fully open the wastegate. Since I am not in first/second gear long enough, the pressure does not have a chance to get out of hand. But when I floor it at low RPMS in 3rd/4th/5th gear, it is in that state long enough for things to get out of hand. The turbo generates boost marginally faster than the not-fully-open wastegate is able to bleed it off.

This weekend I hope to have time to pull the actuator back off and adjust it, to allow it to open easier. This, combined with opening up the boost controller, should eliminate the boost creep problems, as well as maintain boost at redline.

Results will hopefully be posted Monday!

12/8/99 - Things that make you say.. daaaaamn!

Check THIS out! Serious hang time that would even make Michael Jordon envious.

12/7/99 - The Quest For Boost continues...

The stock turbocharger in the 99 Eclipse GSX is the T-25 from Garrett. One of the infamous problems with tihs turbo charger, is its size. Dubbed the T-2SMALL, it has trouble maintaining high boost levels are high RPMS. In stock form, The T25 would hold 10PSI at 7200rpms in 2nd gear, and 11PSI in 3rd gear.

Hahn Racecraft has designed an upgraded Wastegate Actuator for the T25, and they claim it will let the turbocharger hold additional boost through redline. I have installed one recently, and it looks like it is going to work. However, there is a catch..

The stock wastegate actuator is not adjustable. The HRC actuator, however, is. You can adjust its behavoir in two ways: 1) You can place washers between the actuator and the mounting bracket. This, in effect, makes the control arm on the actuator shorter, thus making the actuator do more work to open the wastegate. Also, the connector piece on the control arm that connects to the wastegate is also adjustable. You can make it shorter, which again requires the control arm move further in order to open the wastegate wider. Both of these things will control boost.

And herein lies the problem. In second gear, I can now hold 14PSI through 7200 RPMS. This is great, I am happy. But, boost levels are different in every gear now. I hit 15PSI tops in 1st, 17-18PSI in 2nd and 3rd gears, and then in 4th and 5th gears, my boost gauge gets pegged at 20PSI+ at around 4000 RPMS and WOT. This is bad. I cant floor it in 5th gear without wishing I had an EGT gauge, and I am also hitting fuel cut.

I THINK I have the actuator arm adjusted too short. That is requiring MORE pressure to fully open the wastegate, and giving me the really high boost levels in 4th and 5th gears. I will post additional information once I have had a chance to play with it some more.

Oh, and the thing is a bitch to install. HRC's instructions are VERY meager. They do not even mention the fact that you have to remove the lower heat shield to install this part. It will not fit underneathe the heat shield like the stock actuator does. And even tho the instructions do not mention it, remove BOTH fans from the radiator, not just the passenger side fan. I would suggest removing the air box/filter and the turbo intake pipe as well.

New boost controller!

Well, while I was down in Pomona I had the chance to meet one of the drivers on the Ford Focus team. He gets the pleasure of driving their Turbocharged all wheel drive Ford Focus in rally competitions. Sweet looking car, it is a shame they did not release this version of the car in the states. Anyways, their Ford Focus uses the boost controller from TurboXs. Its much easier to adjust than the Hallman controller, and its cheaper too. I picked mine up at Mod-A-Car in Pleasanton for 79$. I attached it to the turbo intake pipe with tie straps. Putting it in this location allowed me to make the tubing to the turbo and wastegate actuator a lot shorter, improving response time from the boost controller. Pictures are below:

Blow Off Valve Dump Tube Mod Completed.

I had been meaning to do this mod for a while now, but just did not have access to a dremmel tool. On Sunday I went and borrowed one from my neighbor Chad, and went to work. Pictures are below, a recap is available in the mods section.

11/27/99 - IDRC Race Action - Pomona, CA

Congratulations to Todd Chiamparino for setting an all-time best for his 1990 GSX with a 10.747@132! Good work Todd! Check out Todd's Website here.

I went with a group of guys from the Bay Area Club DSM down to Pomona for the weekend, to watch some serious import drag racing. Fellow BADSM member Todd Chiamparino was on hand with his 10 second Eclipse, as well as the big boys - Dave Buschur (9 second Outlaw Talon), Sean Glazar (9 second Quick class Talon), Brent Rau (9 second Quick class Eclipse), and a host of others. For all the info, plus awesome pictures, click here.

11/20/99 - Sacramento Raceway Take 2

I was able to get in 12 runs before it started raining. 4 of which I threw out because the 660' markers were not recording, and I don't like to keep incomplete runs. One of the 14.3 runs, I let off the gas early. I still do not know why. So that is why one of the runs was only finishing at 83MPH. Oh, and I was not trying to get good reaction times at all, which will explain the 5 second R/T. :)

R/T 60' 330' 660' / MPH 990' E.T. MPH
Best runs to Date
1.298 1.778 5.598 8.865 / 75.230 11.659 14.043 93.045
.745 1.819 5.678 8.971 / 74.687 11.772 14.148 93.604
Sacramento Raceway - 11/20/99 - 60 Degrees
Click on the E.T. to see a picture of the original time slip.
1.298 1.778 5.598 8.865 / 75.230 11.659 14.043 93.045
.847 1.785 5.583 8.847 / 74.752 11.654 14.044 92.863
.745 1.819 5.678 8.971 / 74.687 11.772 14.148 93.604
.373 1.873 5.717 9.024 / 73.710 11.859 14.272 91.528
.772 1.951 5.830 9.112 / 74.549 11.919 14.305 93.037
.855 1.844 5.715 9.024 / 73.582 11.855 14.351 83.404
.830 1.992 5.856 9.147 / 74.478 11.970 14.368 92.758
5.736 1.984 5.902 9.260 / 72.654 12.143 14.583 90.418

11/14/99 - Exhaust, I/C screen, and more short shifter problems

The time had come for exhaust upgrades on the Project GSX test vehicle.. And the corporate bank account was shivering in fear. After doing a lot of pricing on a full 3" exhaust system, we had been preparing to spend upwards of 1000$. That was up until a few days ago when my good friend Kit Wetzler informed me he would be selling his 97 GSX to pursue either an s2000 or an m3. As sad as I was to see him leave the DSM family, I was quick to snatch up his slightly used 3" exhaust system like a rabid banker forclosing on an old ladies house. I admit, it was a guilty pleasure, but for the price of 600$ I was able to score a full system (downpipe, cat, cat-back). The cat-back is by RS*R, which from what I have heard, is the best combination of quality, price, and noise level. I installed the system Friday night, more details to come!

Saturday, I took some time to fix my Extreme Motorsports short shifter. One of the bolts (specifically the bolt that holds the shifter to the rest of the car and controls the latteral play) came loose. It requires a 10mm allen wrench to tighten, so I had to go out and buy one. I found one in the form of a ratchet head, designed for brake calipers, at Pep Boys for about 3$. While I was there, I picked up a tube of Loctite to hopefully stop the bolt from coming loose again. Check the mods section for details.

Sunday, I had some more time to kill. I went down to Home Depot and picked up a sheet of 1/4" galvanized wire cloth, with the intention of cutting up the panel in the passenger side wheel well and putting in a screen behind the intercooler. This should provide with better air flow over the intercooler, leading to cooler intake temperatures. Again, pictures are in the mods section.

11/8/99 - New Toys!

This weekend, my neighbor Chad Repp (who just happens to be a Circuit City car stereo installation manager, roommate of Paul Foote, another CC install manager, who did my amp and sub) installed a bunch of goodies for me. A Panasonic CQ-DF88 head unit, and an 8 disc Panasonic CD changer. Wow. He did an AWESOME job. Details in the mods section.

11/5/99 - Project GSX Expands!

Vince Chiaro and his 1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD have joined the Project GSX family. Access his section of the Project GSX web site here, for pics, modification history, as well as his experiences at many California racetracks. He has competed in autocross, drag racing, and done actual track racing at Buttonwillow and Thunderhill. Welcome aboard Vince!

In other news.. I purchased a new CD Deck for the GSX - a single din model to free up dash space for future installation of a Profec B boost controller. Once I install the big honkin' turbo unit I am hoping for, I am going to want easy access to lower and raise boost levels - something the Hallman style BC will not allow for. But the fuel pump re-wire is done (I am running WAY rich now, even at 20PSI boost spikes) and the LED for the LED Knock Sensor mod is mounted in the gauge pod and ready to go. The LED actually looks quite cool (I was worried it would look tacky.) For pics of the mounted LED, click here.


Alex from the Bay Area DSM Club came by on Wednesday night and brought me a short shift kit from Extreme Motorsports. Awesome. Shifting feels so tight now, hardly any increased effort, and the throws are a lot shorter. However, the shifter is back up to stock height. *groan* So I am going to get the shifter cut again.

Another thing that I noticed, downshifting from 5th gear to 3rd gear is MUCH easier now. With the stock shifter, it would take a good shove for the shifter to go into 3rd gear, but with the Extreme short shift kit, it does not take any more force than normal to go from 5th to 3rd.

Mods for this weekend!

Well, it looks like this weekend I am going to be doing some mods. First, I am going to be doing the fuel pump rewire with my friend Kit Wetzler. Running 10awg wire straight from the battery to the feul pump, so it does not lose current when there is a heavy load on the system. Also, I am going to be doing the Knock LED mod, as well as building another one of those air filter block offs for Tony Vu, and helping Kit make one of his own. Should be a busy weekend!


The air filter block off is finally finished. Thanks to my friend Chad, an install manager in Circuit City's Car Audio department, for helping me make it look nice. If you want one, he would be happy to make it for a small fee. :D The front of the block off does not extend all the way to the back of the headlights to allow air coming in under the hood to pass through the air filter. The piece will be more effective once I switch to a front mounted intercooler, so I can run tubing down to where the stock intercooler is to route air up into the block off.

Also, I am buying an Extreme Motorsports short throw shifter off of Alex, from the Bay Area DSM Club. But the shifter it comes with is regular stock height.. so It looks like I will be employing Tom Stangl once again to cut the thing.


Pictures from Saturday's Bay Area DSM Club Cruise are up! These are pictures taken by Tony C. I will post more pictures as people send them to me. The page will take a while to load since the pics are about 70k each. Check them out here.


It looks like we have a busy weekend ahead of us. Saturday, the Bay Area DSM club is meeting for a big drive and lunch. Then on Sunday, I am going to be gluing the GSX trunk liner together. Why? Well, simple..

If you take a look at the trunk liner, it is three seperate pieces. There is the thin piece of particle board, on top of that is a sheet of padding, and then the carpet on top of that. The sub box I have put in the trunk is messing it up pretty well. When the box slides around in the trunk (ever since I installed the strut braces and stress bars I have taken a new found joy to high speed cornering) it pulls the top layer of carpet with it. So I will be gluing the padding down to the wood, and then gluing the carpet down to the padding. Once this is dried and stable, I am going to rig up something to hold the box from sliding around.

Once that is finished, I am going to build a knock LED, thanks to another Bay Area DSM member. Warren Tsai has posted instructions for building such a unit on his web site.

When problems are detected in the engine, the ecu activates the boost control solenoid, which bleeds off pressure and lowers the boost level. By lowering the power output of the car, the problems are normally temporarily eleviated. What this modification will do, is light up an led whenever the ecu attempts to close off the BCS. Of course, my BCS is no longer in action, since I disconnected it while installing by boost controller - but I still want to know when the car is doing this as it means there is some sort of problem.


Thanks to Tom Stangl, from the Bay Area DSM club, I now have a shorter shifter. Tom was able to slice out about 1 inch of the top part of the shifter, compress the removed piece (the shifter is hollow) and then insert the compressed piece into the top and bottom parts of the shifter, so it could be welded back together.

It is much easier to access the stereo now, and the shift throws are much smoother as well. Thanks Tom!


Finally got a picture of my license plate ready for the site. Things have slowed down now that I am broke again, but hopefully this weekend I will be getting my poor mans short shifter installed. That is, I will be getting an inch and a half of the bar cut off and welded back together. I should have pics up of that in a few days. For now, here is the license plate.

10/11/99 - New Pics - New toys!

I had previously been relying on other people to take/develop/scan/email pics of the car to me. And as much as I appreciate everyone who helped out, they were all pretty damn flakey. So, I went out and put the old Sears card to good use. I bought myself a nice digital camera (1024x768 resolution) and for good measure, I picked up a tool set. I had been using my roommates tools before that. A nice Craftsman chest, and a 144 piece tool set. Nice stuff. $700 later, I went home. Ouch, the card practically melted in my hand. :)

Check out the updated pictures page for new images.

Also, I completed installation of the rear strut tower brace. To install the brace, you have to remove two pieces of interior plastic from inside of the trunk. I thought it looked kind of tacky with the pieces off, so I cut a notch out of them, ran some weather stripping around the inside of the hole, and slapped them back on. Pictures are available on the pictures page.

10/7/99 - The brakes are no longer broken!

After two days in the shop, Concord Mitsubishi returned the GSX to me with a new front/driver's side ABS sensor. Thanks to my neighbor Chad, I was able to tell the service folks that was the problem in the first place. Not that it did any good of course, they still spent a full day doing tests anyways. :) But the work was performed under warranty, and not a single mention was made regarding the various mods made to the car. The K&N Air filter, the OBX front strut brace, and the dual pillar gauge pod stick out like sore thumbs - they are impossible to miss.

Concord Mitsubishi has got a great reputation through the Bay Area DSM club. If you need to have any work done, that is definately the place to go for warranty work. I hear they are a bit expensive otherwise, but the service is premium.

10/5/99 - New mods, and more on Brake problems

After getting a third and fourth opinion from some fellow BADSM'ers, I have come to the conclusion that it is a problem with the Anti-Lock Brakes. It seems that only in a small speed range, like 4-8mph, the ABS gets set off on that one wheel. I had just washed the car on Sunday, and already the front drivers side wheel is covered with brake dust. The other three rims are still clean. So for the first time in the cars short 9,000 mile life span, it has been dropped off at the dealership. I will post updates as they occur.

On the lighter side, I installed OBX front and rear strut tower braces last night. Ooooooh. Thanks to my buddy Kit, I was able to get them at a good price, and even got a hand installing them. Both bars are chrome, and look great. The difference in handling is enormous. Now I need stiffer shocks/springs, and some better tires! :D Read more about it in the mods section.

10/3/99 - Weird brake problems

Well, I am confronted with my first mechanical problem that has me stumped. Of course, I have not started pulling things apart yet, but it is the symptoms that do not make sense. Here is a description of the problem:

While braking somewhat slowly, as the car is almost at a complete stop, something seems to come loose. The pedal gives a bit, almost as if the pedal was compressing a spring, and that spring came loose. The pedal vibrates a bit also.

Now, this does not happen if:

I brake softer.
I brake harder.
I am braking at any time and not coming to a complete stop (I.E., going from 50 to 30 MPH, and then continuing at that speed.)

I have never done any modifications to the brakes, or even the wheels in general. There have not even been any times in the last week when, say, I had to brake quickly - harder than usual. The only work I have done on the car has been installing an amp, and the problem exists whether the stereo is on or off. Unless the additional load of the amp is affecting the electrical aspect of the brakes, which is very doubtful, there should not be a problem.

It has been suggested to me that I could possibly be low on brake fluid, but the indicator light for brake fluid has never come on, ever.

9/26/99 - 14.7@89!

This just in!

My time slip submission was just received by The Official DSM 1/4 Mile Times Page and put up on the list. My 14.739 earned me a not-quite-so-spectacular 390th place, on the AWD with no Nitrous list. But hey, you have to start somewhere!

Well, the first trip to the dragstrip has come and gone, and I must say that I am quite pleased with the results. First, I was under the impression that stock 1/4 mile times for the GSX were closer to 15.4, and I am now told that it is more like 15.2. Also, it was going to be my first time actually racing, and with nerves and all, I was not expecting too much. But much to my chagrin, I pulled a 14.7@89 on (I believe it was) my sixth run. I was expecting more like 14.9-15.1 at best - with slow times up to 15.4.

Also, a congratulations go out to my buddy Brent Rambo who managed a 12.9 in his NSX, and my roommate Jason Janofsky who pulled a 13.9 in his Camaro. Bay Area Club DSM was really representing on Saturday night - I counted around 25 cars in our group. Click here to see who showed and their best times.

I was able to do 11 total, here they are:

R/T 60' 330' 660' / MPH 990' E.T. MPH
Sacramento Raceway - 9/25/99 - 80-90 Degrees
.539 1.894 5.888 9.292 / 71.444 12.244 14.739 89.490
.426 2.007 5.968 9.358 / 71.723 12.321 14.839 89.783
.262 1.999 5.960 9.357 / 70.926 12.355 14.897 87.763
.101 2.131 6.105 9.489 / 71.733 12.437 14.936 89.384
.427 2.001 5.996 9.397 / 70.860 12.398 14.941 87.945
.843 2.028 6.050 9.472 / 71.185 12.458 15.049 86.128
.317 2.076 6.080 9.491 / 70.629 12.494 15.030 88.173
.359 2.097 6.104 9.546 / 70.559 12.554 15.098 88.176
.151 2.077 6.115 9.576 / 70.115 12.596 15.148 88.444
.395 2.050 6.045 9.492 / 70.198 12.531 15.105 87.179
.582 2.218 6.303 9.727 / 71.222 12.681 15.173 89.850

9/19/99 - DSM's turning 9's!

What a weekend! On 9/18, Sean Glazer of Extreme Motorsports took his 1G AWD Talon into the 9's! Following on the next day, Brent Rau, also of Extreme Motorsports, became the first 2G Eclipse to hit the 9's, coming in just faster than Glazer! It looks like we here at Project GSX have out work cut out for us.

Driver / Car R/T 60' 330 1/8 MPH 1000 1/4 MPH
Sean Glazer / 92 Talon TSi 2.376 1.696 4.400 6.580 111.12 8.424 9.971 146.00
Brent Rau / 95 Eclipse GSX - 1.458 - 6.43 114.35 - 9.74 146.55

9/10/99 - Autocrossing Times

Well, I finally received the Autocross Times in the mail the other day. I do not think that I did too badly considering it was the first time I have taken part in any sort of race, with no handling mods to the GSX. Times are listed in seconds, with a +2 second penalty applied for each cone hit during the race. Other Club DSM members who participated in the race are listed below as well, to give a sense of perspective to the times. These are just the scores off of the score sheet, peopel were swapping cars left and right, so it is possible a driver was credited with another drivers time since it was performed in their car. Without further delay, here are the times:

Driver/Vehicle 1st Run 2nd Run 3rd Run 4th Run Real Ranking Indexed Ranking
James Pung
(Shared car with Debbie)
73.723 72.758 DNR DNR 111 87
Debbie Cunningham/Talon 75.082 74.094 74.841
(1 Cone)
(1 Cone)
121 95
Mark Wong/Talon 77.839 78.373 77.871 77.040 129 139
Matthew Wright/GSX 79.897 75.479 75.376 DNR 131 132
Jason Kertianis/Talon(AWD?) 78.222 82.552 76.704 76.218 136 137
Khanh Dinh/GST DNF 78.004 77.923 77.716 143 141
Brian Augustine/GSX 78.402 81.242(1 cone) 77.727 80.809
(1 cone)
144 142
Leah Wright/GSX
(Shared car with Matthew)
100.533 79.529 77.926 78.033 145 143

8/30/99 - Autocrossing

Saturday, 8/28/99, I went up to Sacramento with a group of people from the Bay Area Chapter of Club DSM for autocross racing. I had originally just planned on watching (no suspension mods on the car yet, stock tires, stock brakes) but decided to partake once I saw how much fun it looked. The course was really tight. The stock Miata's were having a field day with it. Our group of DSM's ran anywhere from a 1:12sec to 1:21sec laps. It seemed the biggest determining factors in speed were racing slicks and experience. I will post my time slips when I get the chance, although since it was my first time autocross racing. I did manage to post times from 1:17 to 1:20.

I was really impressed to see such a wide variety of cars out there racing. anything from formula 1 style race cars, to Vipers, Corvettes, and even a Nissan Sentra were out there having fun. Don't count yourself out of the fun just because your car doesn't tear up the 1/4 mile track.

A few new pictures of the car were taken at the races, including shots of the personalized license plates. Also, BADSM logos were finally acquired and put on the rear-side windows. Very sharp. Pictures of those to come as well.

8/25/99 - New Home!

Well, Project GSX had to be moved. This is unfortunate, as I had just finished getting the site into search engines and webrings. Ahhh well. This looks like it will be a permanent home. However, I am toying around with the idea of registering .. so we will see. Anyhow, sorry for the down time, but we are back up now.

Let there be MORE light!

Well, I was sitting around staring at the GSX last weekend and I was a bit upset with the extreme lack of funding the project has at the moment. The urge to mod was running hard through my veins and I really only had one choice.. Yes, I rewired the foglights. *gasp* The foglights now turn on with the parking lights instead of the headlights. Read all about it in the mods section.

8/17/99 - First trip to the track?

Well, it looks like it is just about time that Project GSX took to the track. Now, not only is this going to be a first for the Project GSX vehicle, but a first for the driver as well. Neither have launched on the track before, so we are trying to keep our expectations low for the first time out. As long as we come in under 16.5 on the 1/4 we will not feel too bad. Heck, as long as we FINISH the 1/4 we will be happy. If you want to see the action, check out the car, or meet me on my driving debut, drop by Sacramento Raceway on September 11th. Gates open at 1pm, Racing starts at 4pm.

Just look for the red 2nd gen. with the GSXTASY license plates! (Or watch for me stalling while trying to launch, or getting dusted by a Civic.)

8/13/99 - Let there be light!

The boost gauge is finally 100% installed. Running power to the backlight on the gauge ended up being fairly simple. I used a few wire taps and that was pretty much the end of it. Thanks to an informative VFAQ, installation was a breeze. Took about 20 minutes once I figured out what I was doing.


After a 20 minute trip to the DMV, I am now the proud owner of personalized license plates. I received my California Coastal Protection plates, with the personalized number of: GSXTASY.


Well, I broke down. In the pursuit of more hits I joined a couple of DSM webrings. The junk down at the bottom of this page for the web rings is not operational yet, since neither ring has finished processing my request. So do not email me and tell me that the links are not working. :)

8/10/99 - It's all about the VELCRO!

Well, the mounting problem for the Apillar seems to have been solved. I was browsing through the VFAQs and ran across one for a boost gauge and apillar install, and the guy used Velcro to fasten the pillar into place. So, I pulled it back off of the frame, ripped the modified stock pillar off of the back of the gauge pillar, and put some Velcro onto it. (I think I went overboard with the Velcro, getting it off might be a little tough :P) But it fit great. I need to work with it a bit because I am anal about getting things to look perfect, but it is definately going to work. I tell you people, it's all about the VELCRO!


The install on the Boost Guage/Controller/Apillar is almost complete. All parts are installed and working, except the pillar needs to be fixed up. The piece does not hug the wall of the car well enough, so that from outside of the car, looking in through the windshield, you can actually see behind it. Looks pretty sloppy.