Buschur Racing Upper Intercooler Pipe

This synopsis is being written in retrospect, as the installation has already been performed. My friend Jake did most of the prep work for this install, so thinking back I can hardly remember what all we had to move out of the way. The fuse box, the air filter.. Either way, it was putting the pipe on that was the real chore.

For installation notes, I remember one of the keys to getting the pipe on was to rub a little bit of oil or grease around the lip of each end of the pipe. This lets the rubber connecting sleeves slide onto it much easier. The pipe is a perfect fit, so getting it on is a bit tough. I guess I was lucky, because it only took me about 5 minutes to get it in place, and have the rubber sleeves connecting the UIC pipe to the intercooler and the rest of the engine. I have heard horror stories from dsm'ers who spent hours trying to wiggle that thing into place. Also, you will need to purchase additional metal clamps, as the new pipe requires more than the stock pipe does.

After installing the pipe, I was not able to feel or hear much of a difference from the stock piping. The 1st gen blow off valve on the pipe does not even sound that different. Also, the VFAQ I read about the install said that boost levels can go up to 23 psi after the installation of the Buscher pipe. After installing my gauge, I have not even seen a spike past 15psi. Either way, increasing the air flow will be essential down the road.

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The VFAQ explaining the installation procedure in detail can be found here.