Extreme Motorsports Short Shifter

This kit is not the sort of modification that makes the shifter itself sit lower, it changes the distance required to change gears, making the shifts between gears quicker. I am whole heartedly in love with this shifter. Now that I have had it installed for a few weeks, shifting feels completely natural, I do not even remember what the stock shifter felt like.

However, I have had one problem with it.. it keeps falling apart! My friend Alex installed it in my car originally, and the bolt that keeps coming lose was not something he had seen so obviously he didnt torque it down well. When it did come apart (I was still able to shift, the pin did not come out, the shifter just had a lot of play in it) I had my neighbor Chad bolt it down really hard for me. Now two weeks later it came off again.. I am hoping this will not be a reoccuring problem.

This last Saturday afternoon, I went to Pep Boys and picked up a 10mm allen wrench, which is required by the bolt in question, and a tube of Loctite. I applied a bit of Loctite to the threads of the bolt and torqued it down as hard as I possibly could. All I can do now is wait and see if it comes off again.

Stay tuned for updates! Pictures below:

Update 5/22/01

This shifter finally broke on me, a few weeks back. One of the welds snapped clean off. When I contacted Extreme Motorsports they told me that if I was to ship the unit back to them, they would repair it and ship it back. That was *all* they could offer. Since I do not have another shifter, this would have meant almost 2 weeks of down time. Not acceptable. They also informed me that they have had other people with the same problem yet CONTINUE to sell the piece of shit.

I have not purchased anything at Extreme Motorsports since.