Apex-i Super AFC

Updated 10/18/01

I recently put the lower honeycomb back into my MAS. There was really no reason for it to be out, now that I have the S-AFC to tune the fuel mixture. All it was doing, was stopping the MAS from correctly measureing the ammount of airflow. So, once I put the honeycomb back in, I had to then use the S-AFC to re-lean out the fuel mixture.

Since I have put the honeycomb back in, I have lowered the S-AFC by 3% across the board, both high and low throttle positions. My O2 readings seem to be a bit more realistic than they were before, also. I see good rich settings in 1-3rd gear, running at a perfect .895 in 4th, and a little lean in 5th gear. My EGT's are solid as well.

Things I have noticed, tuning the S-AFC:
  • The 2G ECU runs naturally leaner in higher gears. So tune for 4th and 5th gears. If you tune your S-AFC to run at the perfect lean mixture in 3rd gear, it will explode in 5th.
  • Pulling the fuse on the ECU to reset a Check Engine Light will have no adverse affects on your S-AFC settings.
  • Make small changes to start with, no more than 1% at a time. You could probably get away with more drastic changes, but there is no reason not to be careful.
  • The easiest time to adjust the S-AFC seems to be early evening. If it is too bright you have trouble seeing the screen.
The Apex-i Super AFC was so simple to install, that I did not bother writing up a recap of it until now. I am going to try and go back and get the pin numbers for where you tap into the ECU so I can post those. For the most part, the instructions that the S-AFC came with should suffice. I have heard horror stories about people getting an S-AFC and only receiving the Japanese instructions. For that reason, I will post a copy of my instruction booklet as well.

Perhaps the most difficult part of the S-AFC installation is mounting the unit. The S-AFC actually comes with what appears to be two seperate brackets assembled together. I found that by bending two of the brackets (a suggestion from the RRE Website you could get a pretty stable fit. Put the large piece of double sided tape that came with the unit on the large plate with the Apex-i logo and then use two of the thinner strips and you can get a good solid mount by sliding the slotted piece in in between two pieces of the dash board. Sound confusing? It is not as bad as it sounds. I will try to get some pictures up so you can see where to bend the bracket, and such.

The AFC has moved! It is no longer blocking my center A/C vent. Not having the center A/C vent was acceptable back in Cali, but now that I am in Texas .. no way! A/C is a must have during the hot Texas summers.