Lower Honeycomb Removal from Mass Air Sensor

I did this modification at the same time I installed my K&N Filtercharger. Since I already had the stock airbox removed, the only additional steps I had to take were to remove the clamp off of the otherside of the MAS, and then unscrew the four screws that hold the plastic plate on, which covers the edges of the honeycombs. Pull the lower section out carefully with some needle nose pliers. They damage VERY easy, so be careful. I put mine into the K&N box and threw it up onto a shelf in case I should ever want to go back to stock.

I cannot say what sort of a performance change the removal made since I performed it at the same time as other mods. However, it is a minor change anyways. It allows a little more air through the intake at increased velocity. Removing more or different homeycomb sections is said to hamper the cars idle, so I left them in. the picture below shows the MAS with the lower honeycomb removed - the honey comb is sitting on top of the MAS.

Update 4/16/01

I put the honeycomb back into my MAS quite a while ago. It seems that most of the people suggesting you perform this particular modification, are owners of the 1st generation DSM. With the 1G's, the MAS was a major restriction however the same is not true of the 2G's.

The honeycomb removal is a viable modification for a very lightly modified 2G, as they run very rich from the factory. Removing the HC will lean out the fuel mixture a bit. The problem comes with the weather. The MAS makes quite a few changes based on temperature. Removing HC's makes it impossible for the ECU to deliver fuel in a consistent manner.