Lo-Tek Data Pillar Dual Gauge Pod

It looks so simple. Too simple in fact. The Lo-Tek pillar is very well built, and it is made out of solid materials. However, there is no intended attachment built into it. The stock pillar has three clips on it, that it uses to secure itself to the body of the car. Would it really have been that big of a hassle to incorporate these into the design of the Lo-Tek pillar?

The first installation method I used was borrowed from my friend Jake. He took the stock pillar, cut about an inch of plastic off of either side, sanded it down, and glued it to the back of the Lo-Tek pillar with epoxy. The idea is great, however, it just doesnt attach well enough. It fits, and it snaps on and off easy enough, but it is not flush to the wall. From outside the car, looking in through the windshield, you can see behind the pillar. Looks a little shoddy. So, I set out in search of a new installation method.

I made a trip to Home Depot, and after being lost in the endless aisles for about an hour, I found some Velcro and a bunch of double sided tape. (I didn't end up using the tape, it was back up in case the Velcro didn't fly.) The Velcro strips I found were a full inch thick, so I sliced them in half and put them around the edges of the pillar. Oh, I also put some weather stripping down at the base of the pillar, also suggested by the VFAQ.

The fit was excellent! It is a little loose in one spot, but Ill straighten that out later when i run the wire for the backlighting.

Below is a picture of the pillar. The picture on the left is the current setup, with the 52mm Autometer Boost gauge on top, and the 60mm GReddy EGT in the bottom pod. The lower pod had to be filed out for the larger gauge to fit, but the fit is perfect. The picture on the right is the previous setup with the 52mm Cyberdyne A/F gauge in the lower pod. That gauge has been moved to the center A/C vent.

Pics of the new gauge configuration:

Update 4/17/01

Ok, so the fit was never "excellent". I dont know what I was thinking. :) It DOES fit, and it does look pretty good. I eventually screwed the pillar to the frame of the car, so it holds very well. From outside of the car, you can no longer see behind the pillar. However, at the base you can see behind the panel. Unfortunately, I have yet to find anything better.