Custom Intercooler Screen

The idea behind this screen is to let air pass over/around the stock intercooler more effectively. Inside the wheel well (turn the steering wheel all the way clock-wise to get easier access to the panel) take out the two bolts from the inside of the wheel well, and pull the three plastic body screws. With the body screws, I could not get them to unscrew, I had to yank the panel off. I think I managed to strip one when I installed the upper i/c piping. :)

Once the panel is off, wash it down and get it cleaned up. (Not necessary, I am just a bit anal.) Positioning is not totally crucial, so I eye-balled a starting point and carved a nice sized square into the panel. Put it back in place to make sure the cut out is large enough - mine is about a six by six inch square.

The screen I used is 1/4" galvanized wire cloth. Make sure it is galvanized so that it will not rust. The sheet of wire cloth I bought (from Home Depot, btw) came wrapped in a thin wire, so I just used that to tie the screen to the panel. I punched holes around the outside of the cut out with a soldering iron for lack of anything better.

This mod is not going to give you a measurable power increase. But for 6$, it works nicely to add some custom work to your car and kill an otherwise boring afternoon.

Pics below: