Cyberdyne Air/Fuel Gauge

Having already installed the Autometer boost gauge, I spent much less time on this task. I ran the two power cables and the o2 signal cable down between the dash and the frame, just like I did for the boost gauge. I routed the signal cable through the steering wheel boot, ran it around the inside of the engine bay, and tapped it into the blue o2 cable. The cable is wrapped in a fabric tubing which you need to cut into. Very carefully. You will find this fabric tubing routed over the exhaust manifold, held in place with metal clips. I tapped into it just after it passes over the manifold, where it is closest to the bottom of the hood stand.

It was getting late at this point, and I tapped the gauge power into the power for the boost gauge. Whoops. So the gauge only comes on when the dash lights are on. :D Oh well, I will tap into the cigarette lighter or something when I have time.

This unit has been relocated to the driver's side center air vent. Click on the thumbnail for a larger pictures.