OBX Front and Rear Strut Tower Braces

Not too much to say here. I had the idea that installing these braces would be simple from the get go. The Front brace was by far the easiest of the two. Unbolt the nuts on top of each strut tower, put the bar in place, bolt the nuts back on. Ta-da!

As for the rear brace - we had a bit of trouble getting the brace on, it just was not long enoug to fit over both sets of bolts. In the end Kit (the guy who sold me the braces) remembered that you have to unscrew the center section of the bar to loosen it. This helped quite a bit. The bar went on easily. Since one side of the bar is reverse threaded, we just bolted the brace in place, and then turned the center section which in turn tightened both ends, until it was snug in place.

Once I had the bar in place, I cut grooves in each plastic cover, ran some weather stripping around the inside of the hole (glued with rubber cement) and then screwed them back on. The end result is quite nice. I have seen a few peoples cars where they leave the covers off and I think it looks tacky. Check out the pictures below to see the end result.

The difference in cornering was amazing. Before, in tight cornering, it took a bit of force to keep the wheel turned, and the car leaned a bit. Now its very smoothe, and the amount of effort required to turn the car is greatly diminished. Worth every penny, I just wish I had done them sooner!

Pictures: (Click on the thumbnail for larger pictures)


Update 4/17/01

Well, almost 2 years later and the strut tower braces are still holding up just fine. The covers for the rear shocks are doing well also. The weather stripping has pealed up a little bit, but nothing that some fresh glue will not fix.