Buschur Racing Manual Boost Controller
After reading through the instructions that shipped with my Buscher Racing Manual Boost Controller, I was starting to doubt whether or not I was going to be able to get it installed myself (Jake suggested I give it a try on my own.) I decided to read through the VFAQ Jake wrote on the subject and see if there was a better/easier way to get it installed.

I ended up taking the wastegate solenoid out of the loop completely, and attaching one end of the controller to the Turbo Unit, and the other end to the wastegate actuator.

But I am getting ahead of myself.. To begin the installation, I had to remove the airfilter and also remove where the airfilter connects to the turbo housing. Without moving those two parts, you will have a tough time getting to the hoses you need to remove.

I noticed that after attaching the MBC, my boost levels were spiking to very varying levels. In 1st, I was hitting 5psi, in 2nd 13psi, 3rd was spiking to 18psi, 4th 20+ and 5th 20+. It ends up that I got the wastegate solenoid and the actuator mixed up and ended up connecting the MBC between the turbo and the solenoid, completely taking the acutator out of the loop. WHOOPS.

After fixing that mistake, the boost levels were much more sustained. The boost is still low in 1st (not enough time for it to spool), but in the other gears it sustains 13-18psi.

Once Jake explained the theory behind the mbc (boost pressure goes into the tubing, once enough pressures builds up to move the stopper (which is adjusted by the screw) the air passes through and goes to the wastegate actuator which signals the system to stop creating boost) the installation was very obvious and simple.

** NOTE (4/17/01) ** This depiction of how the boost control system works is not correct. When the pressure gets to the wastegate actuator, it hits a diaphragm. This pressure in turn opens the wastegate of the turbo and begins to bleed off exhaust gas, routing it away from the exhaust wheel and out through the exhaust system. Instead of fixing my mistake, I thought I would add this addendum to it, as Its funny to think how little I knew 2 years ago.

Here is a pic to illustrate how i mounted the controller. It is held to the radiator fan with a few zip ties. Make sure that when mounting to the fan that the controller is not able to move. You do not want it wiggling its way into the path of the fan. Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.

If you want to see the VFAQ Jake wrote on the MBC installation, click here.

Update 4/17/01

I have removed my Hallman MBC and replaced it with the TurboXS High Performance Manual Boost Controller.