K&N Air Filter Kit

This synopsis is being written in retrospect, as the installation has already been performed. Removing the stock air filter (which is enclosed in a large plastic box) was quite simple. The K&N airfilter is designed to fit perfectly in its place, minus the enclosure, allowing it to suck in air from all around. The stock air filter only sucks air from a small (about 1 1/2") tube that goes down to the wheel well. This allows the intake to suck in more air, although the air is generally warmer air since it is coming from the engine bay. The large increase in air flow is more beneficial than the drawback of sucking warmer air. For some additional air flow, I removed the smallest section of honeycomb from the inside of the airfilter.

I have looked around for a VFAQ to link to for this install, but I cannot find one. Most likely this is because the process is so simple. After removing the stock box, the K&N filter just attaches in its place.

I noticed a major difference driving the vehicle after this mod. The air intake was a LOT louder. You could her a definitive whooshing noise as the car accellerated. The sound is intoxicating. As for power - it seemed that at certain RPM points there was much more of a jerk to the accelleration, more Gs.

The K&N Airfilter is incredibly good quality. After seeing the stock airfilter set up, I can understand the need for upgrading to a high flow filter. I would definately recommend the K&N filter to anyone.

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