Destiny and I packed up the car, including the 10x10 foot EZ-UP, and headed down to Palmdale. Somewhere around Bakersfield (Lost Hills, actually) we heard a really loud CLANK followed by a few more quiet ones. We decided to pull off the freeway, and sure enough one of my downpipe bolts had fallen off. While on the side of the road, we were able to click off a picture of a beautiful smog induced sunset.
Abel Ibarra was on hand clicking off seven second quarter miles in his TurboXS sponsored RX-7. Abel runs the dual stage manual boost controller, launching at a high boost (and lower rpms) and then switching to a lower boost setting once he gets moving.
This riced-out Sunfire packs a Whipple Supercharger. I would swear the dial-in time on its window was 15.2 Ed Bergenholtz was running his CRX.
Adam Saruwatari is truly getting out of hand. A&L racing looks like it has been taking styling queues from the World Wrestling Federation. They have a huge two level rig for housing 4 cars, and a bright yellow Hummer that they use for a tow vehicle. To go a step forward, they have a tube framed carbon fiber bodied NSX that will be tearing up the strip next season.
This yellow NSX was also out on display in front of Adam's trailer. Good call on the rims. Destiny shot off some pics of Adam admiring it. He looks a little *too* excited in the second picture.
The Focal Civic defies description. Destiny liked the sparkly paint job, but the rims and graphics are a bit overdone. Each morning as the owner set up the car, he would take a rag and armor all to the tread of his scorcher tires. This red beast is Abel Ibarra's old car. It was the second fastest qualifier, being beaten out by Abel's RX-7 by just .02. ESPN's camera men were a bit aggressive after his 7.95 qualifying pass.
Apex and Motorex had an entire stable of Skyline GT-R's on display. The line up was quite impressive.
Another car that defies description.. this time, unfortunately, an Eclipse. It actually was not that bad until I noticed the fake altezza taillights. People actually think those things look good?
Paisley's TRD Supra was out on display in front of the large TRD trailer (which sports a matching paint job, I might add). This is Mark, the marketing director for TurboXS. Mark had some bad Mexican food for lunch.
So many people were taking pictures of my engine bay, that I decided to slap a TurboXS sticker on my spark plug cover.
The TurboXS booth had a steady stream of visitors through the weekend. Both the car and the products generated a lot of interest.
What import event would be complete without a stable of track hos? I missed out on the bikini contest, but Destiny was able to snap up a few pictures.