Destiny and I were in Houston to see some old friends when we found out that the ID Drag Wars were running at Houston Raceway Park. Since we did not have any plans for Sunday, we decided we would drop by and check out some more of the Texas racing scene. We stopped at Shipley's on our way to the track to pick up some of the best donuts on Earth, when we spied a few pieces of auto-weirdness that we couldn't pass up.
There were very few vendors on hand Sunday, about 5 in all. Very disapointing considering the hefty 18$ entry fee. Falken had the best showing of the day with a few nice cars, lots of products on display and the required track hoes. The green NT Eclipse was a bit on the rice side, but impressive none the less. The airbrushed paint work was very well done, and the trunk was completely decked out. They also had a less impressive Civic on display.
Falken also had this less impressive Civic on Display. Walking through the pits we noticed this sharp turbo Miata. Since we were trying to track down Love at the time, we just stopped to snap off a quick picture.
After finding our way to the stands, we met up with Love from the Austin DSM club. She was in town to compete in the D class, which consisted of heads up racing for 14-15 second cars. We noticed that Polk Performance had their 10 second FWD Laser out for the day and decided to pay their tent a visit.
Love had to hit the staging lanes, so we said goodbye and snapped up a couple pics of her car, including her TurboXS sticker.
On the way over to the car show, I spotted this Supra with ..interesting rims. I did not care much for them although Destiny thought they were pretty sharp.
This BMW 328i was one of the best cars at the show. It was clean, and tasteful with plenty of engine mods to back up the understaded styling. Although it is hard to see in the picture, this Bimmer has a beautiful carbon fiber valve cover. Don't miss the supercharger OR the nitrous install!
This 300Z stood out from the crowd as well. The glass on the inside of the hood adds a nice touch.
There were 10 Civics in the car show. Since they were more or less the same old stuff, they are all going to get lumped together. The last one had pretty cool rims atleast. I had not seen these before, either.. pretty nice.
Coming in second to the Civics, there were 5 Integra's. More of the same.
And, of course, the Accords.
This Prelude was by far the cleanest looking Honda's at the car show. The front end has grafted S15 head lights and the rear has Supra tail lights. The body work over all is attractive and not over done. This is the first car that I have seen the new style M3 vents on as well. The vents are the real deal and were grafted on to the car. These are not off-the-shelf vented fenders. The white pearl paint job adds the perfect finishing touch, leaving a very custom but not overbearing car. Beautiful!
This was the only CRX in the show. In an interesting twist, this car was done up from the "all motor racecar" stand point including an engine swap, and stripped interior. No idea what this thing is. All the badging had been removed and the head lights and tail lights were both conversions.
I was pleasantly surprised to see such a good VW showing. The green VR6 was definitely my favorite.
I'll take one, please. This 3G had a pretty nice look body kit.
What would a car show in Texas be without some big ass trucks?
This Impala was definitely the nicest domestic showcar on hand. had two sweet FDS3's taking part in the competition.
NO ONE saw this Supra coming. Hearing the announcer wet himself after it ripped a 10.5 second pass was worth the price of admission. After the run, I tracked the car down in the pit area. Full interior with a nice wood trim kit, nice in-dash display, and all sorts of other goodies. This car is full weight and runs a T78 turbo. I did not see any nitrous, but it would not surprise me.
Hocus Pocus brought their Honda out to play, and made a poingant politcal statement at the same time. You go boys.
Apparently, this was a Cavalier at one point. Somehow, I doubt it.
This does not look like any 420A I have ever seen! That is because this is the 2.4L 4Cyl out of a Dodge Caravan. Next I had trouble finding the intercooler. Ah, there it is, inside of their trailer. That of course explains the missing component in the intake tract. Ah well. This Neon doesn't say "Hi!", it says "BYE!".